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At Kids Harbor Learning Center, we pride ourselves on our team of highly qualified and passionate educators. Our staff is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment where children can learn and grow. We believe that every child is unique, and we strive to help each child discover their individual strengths and talents through our play-based learning approach.
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Ms. Amanda Hart is the Director of Kids Harbor Learning Center.  She has been on staff since 2018.  She is responsible for the daily operations of the school, but also is the qualified VPK teacher!  She was mentored under great leadership from the previous owner, who left to open a new school while entrusting Ms. Hart to run KHLC.  Ms. Hart was handed the wheel and guided at the HELM with smooth sailing.  She has assembled a great team of seamen – our teachers – to work with her to provide quality childcare and keep the boat sailing in the right direction!


A ship will only stay afloat if the crew aboard works hard, is qualified and dedicated to maintaining excellence on the ship.  No question, KHLC has such a crew!  


Each crew member is selected after a careful in-depth interview.  We seek qualified and experienced individuals, but also people who love, enjoy, and have a heart to work with children.  If selected to join the crew, work experience is verified, a level 2 criminal background check is performed to ensure that each staff member is safe to work with your children.  


Upon hiring, teachers are required to complete immediate training to ensure they are well oriented to KHLC and qualified to care for and teach your child.  CPR and first aid are required to be completed and remain current.  As a crew, they gather every month for staff meetings, and receive on-going training throughout the year as is required by the Department of Children and Families.  You can maintain confidence in our Crew at KHLC! 


Behind the Captain and Seamen are the owners of the organization who will for the most part remain at dock.  Certainly, the Evans Family, is well qualified to run the school, but our desire is to remain in a supportive role to those who do. Our goal is to serve the community well and positively impact the lives of the families and children who come to be a part of Kids Harbor Learning Center.  


Ms. Marci Evans-Martinez is likely to be the most visible owner throughout the days.  She currently works as a Realtor® with her brother, Dr. Evans.  She is the younger of the two siblings, but serves as the President of Evans Fourever Investments, LLC.  Ms. Martinez is really the heart behind the adventure of owning a preschool.  For over 25 years she had a career in education.  Having earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, she served most of her professional career in school settings, both private and public.  Teaching children and mentoring teachers has always been her passion.  In her previous role, she worked as a Head of School in a private school serving preschool thru 12th grade students while in Texas.  She hopes to offer her experience and guidance to KHLC.  Her intention is to work closely with Ms. Amanda to ensure that all the needs are being met throughout the school.  Ms. Martinez loves people, and you will see her out and about the school, eager to know the children, the teachers and families that make up the community of Kids Harbor Learning Center.  One might even see her in a classroom on occasion.  With her experience, a love for learning and people, she is a viable resource for all stakeholders and available upon request through Ms. Amanda Hart.  

Dr. Marc Evans is the CFO and primarily oversees the finances and building maintenance. Dr. Evans has his PHD in Education and has served in education many years.  Most recently, Dr. Evans was a Head of School at a private K-12th grade school in Texas. Previously, he owned and operated a preschool in Florida.  He also has worked with collegiate athletes at the University levels over the years.  Once retired from education he took on an entrepreneurial spirit.  He runs several businesses, one of which is TradeMarc PreSchool Realty.  Working as a Broker / Realtor® in the sales of private preschools is what lead us to the doorstep of KHLC’s!   Dr. Evans is a great resource of information and is available upon request through Ms. Amanda Hart.  

The last two advisory members of Evans Fourever Investments, LLC are the parents of Marc and Marci.  They say the apple does not fall far from the tree and this holds true with the Evans family.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Evans retired from education after dedicating their entire lives to working with young people.   Their roles are simply advisory in nature, and they will remain not only “at dock”, but inside the marina where you will rarely see them. 

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